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$20 million awarded – child sex abuse case in Stamford.

$1.1 million won – woman hit on the head in the foyer of a protected building. She suffered from post traumatic stress disorder.

$380,000 awarded to a person bitten by a police dog in Greenwich, CT.

$95,000 awarded for dog bite injury.

Our client was awarded $775,000 for suffering permanent damage when a pallet broke and caused a piece wood to severely pierce and puncture his foot.

$580,000 recovered for our client that suffered head trauma as a result of falling downstairs.

$500,000 recovered for a pedestrian that was violently stuck by a vehicle, causing her to become airborne before striking the ground and suffering shoulder, lumbar, abdominal, head and wrist injuries.

$500,000 was recovered when our client was violently rear-ended on Interstate 95, which caused multiple disc herniations, along with shoulder and neck injuries.

$425,000 was recovered for our client that suffered several spinal and neurological injuries while operating a tractor towing trailer that was rear ended when the operator of another tractor trailer failed to maintain proper control of their vehicle.

Recovered $380,000 for a woman attacked by a police dog while jogging, resulting in puncture wounds and emotional injuries.

Recovered $299,180 for a client that stopped for traffic and was severely rear-ended as a result of another driver following too closely.

Recovered $162,000 when a driver attempted to make a left turn causing a head-on collision with our client, resulting in a rib fracture, along with neck, back and shoulder injuries.

Recovered $155,000 for a client that slipped and fell on a walkway where ice had accumulated and caused the area to become extremely unsafe. As a result our client suffered cognitive losses, sleep deprivation and psychological damages.

Recovered $152,500 when our client was violently attacked and assaulted, causing him several life threatening and permanent damages.

$152,000 awarded to an employee that was injured as a result of a dangerous, defective piece of equipment while on a work site.

$150,000 recovered for a minor who was violently stuck by a vehicle while riding a skateboard, resulting in several abrasions, contusions, and fractures to the tibia and ankle.

$150,000 recovered for a client when another driver carelessly and recklessly collided with his vehicle causing serious, painful injuries to his head, back, neck and shoulder.

Recovered $132,000 for an incident in which a driver suddenly and carelessly attempted to make a left turn into a driveway causing him to collide with our client, which resulted in several emotional and physical injuries.

A total of $125,000 recovered for the driver and passenger of a vehicle that suffered back and shoulder injuries when their vehicle was struck in the rear.

Recovered $125,000 when a supermarket failed to enforce an adequate warning before allowing a shopper to walk on a recently waxed floor, which caused facial scarring and dental and mandibular damage to the individual.

Recovered $115,000 for a client that was jogging in a crosswalk, when he was struck by an 88 year old woman in a Buick, resulting in a soft tissue injury.

Recovered $100,000 when a driver traveling at a high rate of speed lost control of their vehicle and collided with our client, causing severe painful and permanent injuries.

$97,500 recovered for an employee that required medical treatment for arm and elbow injuries resulting from a machine operating accident at work.

Recovered $90,000 for a client that walked into an unmarked door resulting in serious migraines.

Recovered $80,000 due to a slip and fall incident on a property that was not properly maintained and ice was not removed from the premises, causing the injured party severe pain and multiple wounds to both legs.

$67,000 awarded for a client that suffered neck and back injuries while straightening a piece of steel at work.

$65,000 awarded to a passenger when the driver of the vehicle she was traveling in carelessly attempted to switch lanes in order to make a quick left turn. As a result of the driver’s negligence, our client suffered back, chest and shoulder injuries.

Recovered $60,000 for a client that suffered nasal fractures and back and hip injuries as a result of a collision caused when another driver inappropriately attempted to merge into her lane.

$38,000 awarded to a woman in her car who suffered chest contusions, pelvic and cervical injuries which occurred when she was rear-ended in downtown Stamford.