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Construction Site Safety Tips by Connecticut Construction Accident Attorney

Each year, thousands of injuries and many fatal accidents occur on construction sites. These accidents often involve the operator, but over half involve people on the ground – spotters, co-workers, and laborers. It is particularly important to follow construction site safety measures to avoid accidents and injuries.

Construction Site Safety Tips:

  1. Getting on and off equipment

Getting on and off the machine is one of the main causes of injury to equipment operators, forklift drivers and truck drivers. Check your gloves and boots. Clean off mud and dirt before climbing, and use “high grip” gloves for a secure hand hold.

  1. Loading/unloading equipment

Make sure the machine clears the ramps before turning. Keep people away from the sides of the machine during loading or unloading.

  1. Avoid people crowding the work area

Avoid crowds in the work area. When ready to start work, use the horn to warn people to stay back, stop the machine if needed, and always check before backing up the machine.

  1. Machine swing radius

Rope off the swing radius around the machine or otherwise secure it. Allow no spectators; use a spotter to keep clear all people.

  1. Operation on slopes

Caution is always required when operating on slopes. Know the limits of the machine. allow for surface conditions and do not push it.

  1. Overhead/buried obstructions

Be aware of overhead obstructions and underground utilities, including electrical lines, water, sewer, and gas. Definitively mark or warn of overhead lines or low clearances.

  1. Backing

Always check the machine perimeter before moving. When vision is impaired, have spotters guide you. Use wide angle mirrors. Use rear-mounted cameras and/or rear-mounted presence-sensing alarms.

  1. Instability or loss of load

All rigging attachments for lifting must be engineered for safety. Keep all people clear of a load being lifted or handled.

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