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9 Most Common Mistakes in Personal Injury Claims

If you’ve been in an accident and obtained a serious  injury, you may be able to make a personal injury claim against the person/ company responsible for the accident or injury. To help your case, avoid making common mistakes when filing a claim.

The following are some of the common mistakes people make in injury claims:

Not calling the police: This is especially applicable to car accident claims. If the negligent party or driver denies liability, you may have a difficult time proving your case. A police officer on the scene of the accident, will interview all involved parties and witnesses, record their contact information, and may write a ticket to the party at fault.

Not fixing the property damage: Another common mistake is accepting and cashing a property damage check without first fixing the damages. It may be possible that the amount offered may end up being less than the amount it takes to fix the damage.

Not getting witness contact information: Many injury victims fail to obtain the contact information of witnesses at the scene of the accident. Without witnesses, an insurance adjuster may deny liability.

Giving recorded statements without hiring an attorney: Giving a recorded statement without the protection and guidance of legal representation can result in serious problems. An adjuster can easily misinterpret your answers in such a way that makes it appear as though you were not really hurt in the accident, or that you were partly or wholly liable for its cause. An adjustor will do everything possible to save the insurance company’s money.

Trying to negotiate your claim without a lawyer: If a victim is not represented by a lawyer, the insurance adjusters may try to settle the value of a case to a very low amount. Hiring a personal injury lawyer can help you make the best possible negotiation.

Signing releases: Another common mistake people make is signing releases for property damage. They find out later that it was actually a general release that settles any or all claims. A personal injury claim may no longer be possible after signing the releases.

Not using Med Pay: Many people neglect making use of Med Pay. Med Pay is health insurance coverage for anyone who is hurt in a car accident. It is also health insurance coverage for you, if you were hurt while being a passenger in someone else’s car.

Not using uninsured motorist coverage: Most people make the mistake of not using uninsured motorist coverage. Uninsured Motorist coverage and Underinsured Motorist (UIM) coverage protect individuals who are hit by motorists with little to no insurance of their own. After the liable party’s insurance runs out, the remaining balance will be covered by your own insurance company. However, you must have this coverage under your insurance policy in order to obtain compensation for your damages.

Not getting medical treatment: Not getting medical treatment after the accident will give the insurance adjuster a chance to argue that you were not really injured and may deny you coverage. It is important to avoid long gaps in treatment to prevent adjusters from claiming that your injuries are non-existent or less severe than they truly are.

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