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Car Accidents in Connecticut

Car Accident Lawyers Connecticut

Every year in Connecticut, thousands of people are in car accidents that cause severe or fatal injuries. If you are involved in a car accident, then you have a right to claim compensation. To claim compensation, you need to consider hiring a personal injury attorney.

Eric Reinken – Personal Injury Attorney in Danbury, Stamford, Greenwich and Bridgeport

Connecticut personal injury attorney Eric Reinken has over 30 years of experience representing victims of car accidents. The Reinken Law Firm will strive hard to claim the compensation you deserve for your damages.

Damages to Recover after a Car Accident in Danbury, Stamford, Greenwich and Bridgeport

The following damages can be recovered after a car accident:

•             Medical expenses related to the injury

•             Future losses due to permanent injuries

•             Pain and suffering

•             Income losses as a result of accident injuries

•             Punitive damages

•             Damage to property

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If you have been involved in a car accident in Connecticut, then contact car accident attorney Eric Reinken. Lawyers at The Reinken Law Firm are confident about taking your case to court and recovering compensation. Call 203-541-0090800-987-8780 for a free consultation.

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