Verdicts & Settlements: $20 million awarded - child sex abuse case in Stamford    $1.1 million won - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder    $1 million - Injured worker requiring back surgery    $1 million+ Awarded - Woman in car accident Rt. 17    $975,000 Recovered - Foot Injury at Work    $650,000 Recovered - Woman suffered neck injury required surgery    $580,000 Recovered - Head Trauma as a Result of Falling Downstairs    $500,000 Recovered - Pedestrian Hit by Car    $500,000 Recovered - Rear End Car Accident    $425,000 Recovered - Rear End Tractor Trailer Accident    $380,000 Recovered - Dog Bite by Police Dog    $155,000 Recovered - Slip and Fall on Walkway    $125,000 Recovered - Slip and Fall at a Supermarket

Sexual Abuse of children by religious leaders or officials is unfathomable and physically and emotionally harmful. The victims may be left with a lifetime of guilt and loss of trust after being sexually assaulted by clergy they trusted.

With clergy abuse progressively making headlines across the United States, people who have kept silent for years are gradually coming forward with their painful stories of sexual abuse inflicted upon them as a child. Speaking out against the perpetrator is important for healing and to release any shame a child may have. It is never a child’s fault.

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