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If you or a loved one is suffering from a brain-related injury as a result of an accident, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the challenges involved. Let The Reinken Law Firm be your advocate. We offer many years of experience and hard work assisting injured individuals in recovering the maximum amount of compensation to which they are entitled. We understand that a brain-related injury has a serious effect on many areas of your life. You can shift the burden of pursuing your claim to us, so you can concentrate on your healing.

What are the effects of a brain injury?

A brain injury resulting from physical trauma is also known as a non-congenital brain injury, and it is a common effect of accidents. The brain is a very complex organ governing many functions of your body. Different areas of your brain control different functions, so the type of injury an individual suffers and the functions of the body that may be damaged depend on the part of the brain that has been injured. At The Reinken Law Firm, we don’t want you to have to face this difficult time alone. Whatever the effects of the injury you’ve suffered, we can help.

What are some common types of brain injuries?

There are a number of ways in which your brain can be injured as a result of an accident. Some of the more common types of injuries include:
Injuries to different parts of the brain. Your brain is divided into four sections, known as lobes. Your injury may be the result of damage to the frontal lobe, the parietal lobe, the occipital lobe or the temporal lobe. Other areas that may be injured include the cerebellum and the brain stem. The effects of your injury will be different depending on which lobe has been damaged.
Brain bleeds or hemorrhage. Head trauma can cause bleeding in the brain. Such injuries are the most common cause of brain bleeds or hemorrhage in people under the age of 50.
Closed-head injuries. In a closed-head injury, the brain is jarred or shaken, often by a blow to the head or some other form of impact. Closed-head injuries can result in concussion and contusion, which is a bruise of the brain.
Open-head injuries. Unlike a closed-head injury, in an open-head injury, the skull has been punctured or penetrated in some way by another object. An open-head injury doesn’t necessarily create a more serious brain injury than a closed-head injury, apart from the seriousness of the initial wound itself.
Skull fractures. Head traumas can also cause skull fractures. Skull fractures range from a simple fracture, in which the bone is broken, but not the skin; a linear fracture, in which the break is in the form of a thin line; a depressed fracture, in which the bone is depressed inward toward the brain; and a compound fracture, in which the skin is broken and the bone is splintered.
Burns and brain damage. A burn injury can sometimes result in cerebral hypoxia, when the brain doesn’t receive enough oxygen. It is called cerebral anoxia if the brain doesn’t receive any oxygen at all. This lack of oxygen causes brain cells to die, resulting in brain damage.

Other brain injuries include diffuse axonal injury, in which the injury to the brain is widespread and can result in coma, coup and contrecoup injuries associated with contusions and brain injuries resulting from pediatric or obstetric accidents.

Whatever type of brain injury you’re facing, the skilled legal team at The Reinken Law Firm can assist you in recovering the compensation you need and deserve.

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