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Stamford, Bridgeport & Danbury Attorney Helps You Understand Brain Anatomy in Accidents

Handling complex injury cases in Connecticut

From a legal standpoint, brain injuries can be as complicated as they are from a medical perspective. Issues such as the type of brain injury you have sustained can play an important role in the development of your case. If you’re suffering from a brain injury as a result of an accident, The Reinken Law Firm can help you assess the various aspects of your case and provide you with the guidance and support to pursue and protect your right to recover the compensation you deserve. We understand what you’re going through, and we can help.

What are the types of brain injury?

It can be important in the determination of a fair compensation for your injuries to determine the type of brain injury you received. Injuries to different areas of the brain have different consequences in terms of health issues, treatment and prognosis. Injuries to the following areas of the brain, or your brain anatomy, can affect certain functions of your brain:

  • Temporal lobe injury. The temporal lobes are located on the sides of your head. Because of their position in the head, the temporal lobes are more vulnerable to traumatic injury. A temporal lobe injury can affect, among other things, auditory and visual perception, including the ability to recognize faces, long-term and short-term memory, and speech.
  • Occipital lobe injury. The occipital lobes are located at the back of the brain, so they are not as vulnerable to injury. An occipital lobe injury can affect your visual perception, such as your perception of moving objects, and color recognition.
  • Frontal lobe injury. The frontal lobe is located under the forehead, a positioning that makes it more vulnerable to injury. A frontal lobe injury can affect motor activity, your ability to speak, and various functions related to thought and thinking.
  • Parietal lobe injury. The parietal lobe is located near the top of your head, toward the back. A parietal lobe injury can affect, among other things, sensory perceptions and your awareness of your body parts and body positioning.
  • Cerebellum injury. The cerebellum is at the base of the skull. Its positioning makes it less vulnerable to injury. An injury to your cerebellum can affect your sense of balance and many aspects of basic movement.
  • Brain stem injury. The brain stem lies just above the spinal cord. Its location makes it more vulnerable to injury. It is required for a number of the body’s functions, and a brain stem injury can affect breathing, swallowing, sleep and balance.

There are several areas associated with the brain, and a brain injury can have a different effect depending on the location of the injury. At The Reinken Law Firm, we are skilled at learning the extent and results of the injuries our clients sustained.

Why is the type of brain injury important?

Depending on the area of the brain affected by the trauma, a brain injury can have different health-related consequences. These consequences can affect your prognosis and treatment, which are important issues in the determination of the proper amount of compensation for your injuries.

With our years of experience and extensive knowledge of this area of law, The Reinken Law Firm is well-equipped to assist you in devising strategies for your case. We are committed to fighting for the maximum amount of compensation to which you are entitled as a result of your injuries.

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