Verdicts & Settlements: $20 million awarded - child sex abuse case in Stamford    $1.1 million won - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder    $1 million - Injured worker requiring back surgery    $1 million+ Awarded - Woman in car accident Rt. 17    $975,000 Recovered - Foot Injury at Work    $650,000 Recovered - Woman suffered neck injury required surgery    $580,000 Recovered - Head Trauma as a Result of Falling Downstairs    $500,000 Recovered - Pedestrian Hit by Car    $500,000 Recovered - Rear End Car Accident    $425,000 Recovered - Rear End Tractor Trailer Accident    $380,000 Recovered - Dog Bite by Police Dog    $155,000 Recovered - Slip and Fall on Walkway    $125,000 Recovered - Slip and Fall at a Supermarket

Hazing Hazard

Hazing is the practice of rituals, challenges, and other activities involving harassment, abuse or humiliation. It is used as a way of initiating a person into a group, including a new fraternity, sorority, team, or club. Hazing is the practice of rituals, challenges, and other...
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Video: Hazing is a Crime

Hazing is a crime. Most colleges and universities have policies against hazing. Hazing charges depend on the physical injuries sustained by the student. Without any injury, hazing may be a misdemeanor. With an injury, hazing may become a felony. Hazing may also result in civil...
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